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As a leading translation vendor, Hamer Sharp has strived to offer its clients top quality service for the last 40 years.

To insure our client´s satisfaction, as a company, we are committed to always be available for whatever needs our clients may have.

We do our utmost to fully understand our client´s needs in order to provide the best possible result. We take our responsibility to meet your deadlines very seriously; our entire team will work as hard as possible to provide expedient and top quality translations.

Our Mission:
To offer fast, accurate and reliable English – Spanish translation solutions to fully satisfy our clients’ translation needs.

Quality Control:


At Hamer Sharp we guarantee personalized costumer service. For us, being in constant contact with our clients could not be more important, since agreeing on specific needs and terminology is key to fulfilling our mission of always meeting our client’s needs.

Every project is handled with absolute confidentiality by a team of highly skilled professionals. Out of respect for your privacy you can trust that all translation work will always remain confidential. All documents are proofread by a second translator at no extra charge. We analyze every project very carefully, from spelling, grammar and punctuation, to organization, coherence and tone.

You can rest assured that your source document will be translated fully and accurately.
Miami: (786) 446-9930    Mexico: +52-155-24132209

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