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Audio and Video Translation Services

In the audio-visual area we provide the following services:

  • Dubbing: It is a process of lip-sync that people tend to prefer over voice-overs and subtitling when it comes to watching videos in a language a person does not understand. It is a method that is especially convenient for children since the dialogue is translated so that the words perfectly match the lips of actors, which Hamer Sharp has been doing with accuracy and precision for years.

  • Subtitling: Most videos, regardless of the format, require subtitling, thus subtitling is a very helpful tool if you are trying to reach international markets. At Hamer Sharp our experienced and specialized teams undergo accurate and technical processes so that audiences can fully comprehend every scene of a video where there is written or spoken content.

  • Translating and editing of video text: At Hamer Sharp, the vast experience of our expert multimedia translators allows us to provide our clients with efficient high quality translations.

  • Analog (VHS, HI8) to digital (MPG2, DVD) transfer
  • Digital (MiniDV, MPG, AVI) to digital (MPG2, DVD) transfer
  • DVD authoring

Our dubbing service carried out by experienced translators and professional dubbing actors guarantees top quality training videos, documentaries, movies etc.

Aside from our subtitling service, we can edit your video and replace the text in the target language which is ideal for training videos.

Our DVD authoring service includes:

  • Menu edit and design
  • Chapter creation
  • Adding removable subtitles (optional)
  • Adding up to 8 audio tracks (optional)
  • DVD master.

We transfer VHS, HI8, MiniDV video formats to DVD video format.

Digital reproduction is recommended since image quality deteriorates after multiple reproductions on analog sources.


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